MESSAGE FROM THE DEAN .                                                     


Dean Faculty FERD Prof Moturi

Faculty of Environment and Resources Development (FERD)FERD is comprised of three departments: the Department of Environmental Science, Department of Geography and Department of Natural Resources.

In the Faculty of Environment and Resource Development, we are committed to being student-centered, creating learning environments that are challenging, collaborative, interdisciplinary, and skill-based. Our goal is to educate and train the next generation of professional leaders in the domains of environmental science and sound natural resource management.

Rapid global environmental change is occurring as the world population increases.  Unsustainable practices have led to climate change, water scarcity, energy challenges, urban sprawl, pollution, over-consumption, poor waste management, diminishing natural resources and species extinction among others.  In view of these challenges, there is need to have skills that can spur innovations and new approaches in solving them. The Faculty of Environment and Resource Development (FERD) at Egerton University is the place to critically examine these and other environmental problems so as to craft solutions that are tenable and sustainable. We are committed to preparing our students, both undergraduates, and postgraduates, for new and emerging environmental challenges that are characterized by complexity, uncertainty, interactivity and rapid change across space and time.

In the Faculty of Environment and Resources Development, we offer mentorship that is geared towards empowering students to be not only good stewards of the environment but also to be critical thinkers who can offer solutions to contemporary environmental challenges.  The students are empowered to take advantage of opportunities that exist in this field and in the process, make contributions towards advancement of humanity.

The staff within the Faculty of Environment and Resources Development have undertaken to fulfil the following mandates:

  • Educate, train and develop human capacity that are capable of dealing with environmental challenges at multiple scales and settings, ranging from rural to urban and from local to global. 
  • Provide innovative solutions to the society’s most pressing environmental related problems through integration of principles, theory and practice 
  • Create opportunities for research, policy application, and professional development through unique academic programs. 
  • To create and effectively disseminate fundamental knowledge about most significant human related environmental impacts and threats to a sustainable future.  
  • Lead university process owners and external stakeholders through procedures and processes for training staff, monitoring, summarizing and reporting of specialized environmental performance indicators including ISO certifications and Environmental Management Systems (EMS).

We invite you to be part of collaborative learning, professional skill development, and problem-solving as we continually identify pathways to a sustainable future that respects our diverse values.   

Prof. Wilkister Nyaora Moturi

Dean, Faculty of Environment and Resources Development, Egerton University

P.O BOX 536-20115, Egerton


FERD hosts a web of academic activities embracing training at the Diploma, Bachelors, Master and PhD levels. Our programs emphasize critical thinking, “hands on” broad based training and strong entrepreneurial components.  Postgraduate research and human capacity development at the Msc and PhD levels is heavily poised on development of innovations for sustainable management of Natural Resources.