The Faculty of Environment and Resource Development (FERD), Egerton University was established in 1998.

The Faculty places great emphasis on integrated multidisciplinary research embracing the different compartments of the environmental support system. This research approach is now well recognized as one of the plausible platforms for formulating problem-solving strategies and in devising optimal management plans. The Faculty has both the physical and human resource infrastructure for deployment in actualizing multidisciplinary approaches in research domains within its mandate. A diversity of human resource capacities and competencies with several years of experience in research and teaching in environmental sciences, natural sciences and geography are housed in FERD.

Our vision

The Faculty envisions being a centre of excellence in training and production of human resource capacities and competencies for sustainable management of the environment for advancement of humanity.

Our Mission

The mission of the Faculty is principally to:

1. Train high calibre graduates with the relevant knowledge and skills for careers in research, teaching, extension and consultancy.

2. Conduct multi-disciplinary and problem oriented research.

3. Offer consultancy services in all aspects of environmental management.

4. Create environmental awareness through outreach services.

The Faculty of Environment and Resource Development, Egerton University, is dedicated to achieving excellence in Education and Research in Basic and Applied Environmental and Natural Resources Management and ecology through a quality management system which is continuously undergoing improvement to ensure customer satisfaction in line with ISO 9001:2000.

The Faculty members are dedicated in carrying out their responsibilities in a manner consistent with the realization of quality objectives which have been set, and, in addition, will review these objectives from time to time to ensure that they are in line with the vision, mission, and quality policy of the Faculty.