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University Library Staff List

  1. Janegrace K. Kinyanjui
  2. Peris Wambui Njuguna Kiilu
  3. Rugwe Elizabeth W.
  4. Peter Gathaci Mburu
  5. Edward Maganga Mwambingu
  6. S. Wanyama Bilindi
  7. Mercy Wamuyu Kanyotu
  8. Kipsach Joseph C.
  9. Kenneth Okore Atieto
  10. Okumu Rose Akinyi
  11. Francis Njenga Njoroge
  12. Beatrice Kavosa Mugita
  13. Peterson G. Miigua
  14. Wilson Muruku Kamau
  15. Mwanzilo Paul Kivuva
  16. Anne Koster Mugalavai
  17. Philip Kamau Muchiri
  18. Philomena W. Mwaniki
  19. Millicent Auma Ong'ondo
  20. Felicitas Ciabere Ratanya
  21. Kiplagat Sally
  22. Wayaya Ernest Ombunya
  23. Rono Jeffy K.
  24. Thomas Kimeli Chuma
  25. Kamuren Agnes J.
  26. Linet Odhil Oketch
  27. Salina Tallam
  28. Jacqueline N. Nyongesa
  29. Allam Kariuki Kago
  30. Stanley Wafula Wasike
  31. Ruth Nthoki Maingi
  32. Osakia John Ratemo
  33. Charles M. Ndegwa
  34. Lilian C. Kimtai
  35. Monicah Bosire Bonarer
  36. Julius Waweru Muiruri
  37. Stephen Wanjala
  38. Eglay Abuti Musango
  39. Japheth Angiyo Olychina
  40. Jemimah Carren Ondiek
  41. Milca Agufana Musachi
  42. Joseph Magunda Opondo
  43. Mbinda William Mutunga
  44. Japheth Kirwa Metto
  45. Rosemary K. Miriti
  46. Rachel W. Kimotho
  47. Andrew K. Njuguna
  48. William Matundura
  49. Eric Onuoga
  50. Jemima Ondieki
  51. Emma Maina
  52. George Osia Kira
  53. Rutto Edward Kimunge
  54. Koskey Benjamin S.
  55. Ngacharmot Benson Pkiach
  56. Kisorio Mary Chepkosge
  57. Mathenge Gladys Wanjiku
  58. Sayia K. Alice
  59. Monica Nyokabi.
  60. Njoroge James Mungai
  61. Monica Wayua.
  62. Ombori Alexander K. B.
  63. Bett Celestine
  64. Njuguna Alice Njeri
  65. Achieng Benter Oganga
  66. Bernard Ojiambo
  67. Owuor Peter O.
  68. Maina Nancy Wamuhu
  69. Otieno Consolata Aor
  70. Langat Nancy Chemutai
  71. Seurei Roseline T.
  72. Obado Joseph Owino
  73. Julius Abudho
  74. Vincent Bulimo
  75. Joan Akoth
  76. Evelyne Anyango
  77. Jackson Chacha
  78. Reginah koskei
  79. Lucy kahinga
  80. Roseline Amemba
  81. Pauline Tuitoek
  82. Eric Sindabi


J.D. Rockfeller Library

J.D. Rockefeller (TEEAL) LibraryThe J.D. Rockfeller Library is located at the Utafiti Hall ' 1st Floor at Egerton University ' Njoro Campus. The main objective of J.D. Rockefeller Library is to proactively avail current as well as relevant information resources and services to scholars and researchers, by means of electronic and print formats.Mandate: The J.D. Rockefeller (TEEAL) Library is one of the libraries that comprise the Egerton University Library Department. It serves the purposes of collecting, processing and disseminating research  worthy information in a predominantly electronic format. Information is normally retrieved from electronic storage media including computer diskettes, Compact Disc Read Only Memory (CD'ROMs), Digital Versatile Disc Read Only Memory (DVD'ROMs), Video Compact Discs (Vices), email and Internet. In addition, the library offers access to books, periodicals as well as photocopying, DLP projector, Digital camera and scanning services to its clientele. Mission:To lead as an information resource center within Egerton University, dealing with the latest electronic and print publications in various fields of specialization. This is for the purpose of improving the quality of research and publications among the university community.Operating Hours: Open: Mondays to Fridays:8.00 am to 1.00 pm; 2.00 pm to 5.00 pmClosed:Lunch hours, weekends & public holidays User categories: Students (Undergraduate & postgraduate)Academic staffResearchers (Internal & external)GuestsElectronic resources:.  TEEAL  Library provides electronic/digital publications or information resources that exist in any of the following media:•    ½ inch floppy diskette•    Compact Disc - Read Only Memory (CD-ROM)•    Video Compact Disc (VCD)•    Digital Versatile Disc ' Read Only Memory (DVD-ROM)•    Flash disk (i.e. USB Flash drive)•    Online publications available through the Internet


IntroductionAfricana, Periodicals and Special Collection Section of Egerton University Library contains almost every format of material found in the library including textual, pictorial and electronic research materials. Many of these items or collections are cataloged and accessible through the Egerton University catalog and the cardex. Prefix to collectionPrefix to the collection is indicated before the call numbers as follows:(i)  Special collection -Spec'(ii)  Africaana Collection (iii) Theses & Dissertations- 'The'(iv)  Periodicals-Per(v)  Research
Operating hoursOpen: Monday to Friday.
9.00 am  to 10.00pm
Saturday:8.00am to 7.00pm
Closed:Sundays & Public Holidays


IntroductionThis is a subsection under readers' Services that caters for all non-current materials which administrative, evidential, historical and research value within Egerton University Library. Services /ProceduresIt contains approximately 6,000 reading materials.It serves approximately 500 users per day.The document is under closed access.Most of the materials are for research purposesA document is taken in exchange with the university identity card for the period of one hour per document.User must record his or her name in the OB register of the section.The penalty of 1/- for the first one hour and 6/- for any subsequent hour will be applied to the defaulters.Materials in the section are appraised after ten (10) years. Operating  hoursOpen: Monday to Friday. 9.00 am -  4.45 pm.Weekends & Public Holidays: Closed.


This section is under the Readers' Services division of the Library. Aims and ObjectivesProvide an effective reference service to our clients' satisfaction.Give direction to library users on the most effective way of using the library
Repackaging and sorting out information for easy retrieval
User survey profiles
Enhancing the image of the library
Marketing library services
Services Available
Book Display, Creating User Profiles,Selective dissemination of Information(SDI) Current Awareness Services(CAS), Ask-A Librarian, Conducting literature searches, Referal services, Newspaper indexing, Maintains and updates the University Library notice boards, Library guiding ,User education and orientation.Public Relations.Maximum time is accorded in-person by qualified and ready to assist staff.

Circulation Section

The Circulation Section of the Main Library uses the AMLIB Circulation Module to cater for the following services:
RegistrationIssues/returns Reservations of materials Reserve SectionClearance of users OPERATING HOURSOpen: Monday to Friday:  8.00 am - 10.00 pm Saturdays: 8.00 am - 7.00 pmClosed: Sundays and Public holidaysMEMBERSHIP Services  are accessible to all  library registered users that include: . . Undergraduates,Postgraduates, Academic Staff, Non-academic staff, and External users (As defined by the Rules and Regulations).BORROWINGMaterials are renewed on request as long as they have not been reserved by any other user(s). AUTOMATED SYSTEMBorrowers are required to present their bar-coded identity cards RESERVED COLLECTIONThis section contains: Materials reserved by the teaching staff ,bound past exam papers ,Materials reserved by the librarian due to : Heavy demand ,Delicate binding.
Loaning period:

  • Loaned out for one hour or overnight/weekend
  • Renewable if not requested by other users.

FINESFines are not an allowance to retain a book. Users who habitually withhold books loose the privilege of access to library resources. The following fines are applicable:Long loan ' one shilling per item per day for all users.Short Loan ' one shilling for the first hour and six shillings for every subsequent hour.Recalled books accumulate two shillings per day one week from the recall date.

Welcome Message

Welcome to  Egerton University Library. The Library System comprises of: The main University Library in Njoro Campus with the following branches: The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) Library, Faculty of Education and Community Studies (FEDCOS) Library, Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) situated near the Medical Training school Nakuru, The Nakuru Town Campus Library(NTC) and the Nakuru Town Centre Campus Library(NTTC), Nairobi Town Campus.
Egerton University Library has automated its services using the intergrated AMLIB software.
The University Library boosts of the following services:Circulation, Reference, Africaana/ Periodicals/Special collection, reliable Internet and Electronic resources, Research Assistance, Reading space, Processing, User needs assessment surveys and personalized assistance to all our clients.
The Senior Library Management team from library divisions meets regularly to set strategic directions for all services and operations of the library.

University Library

Egerton University Library Resource Centre is situated within the confines of the  library. The facility provides  access to the internet and its rich array of worldwide electronic resources . The centre is guided by an ICT policy. Membership:The centre is opened to all Egerton University Students, academic and Non-Academic staff.
Operating  Hours
Open:Monday to Friday 9.00am - 9.45 pmSaturday: 8.00am - 4.45pmClosed:  Sundays & Public holidaysGuidelines in use of the Centre

  • Access to the computers is limited to 30 minutes per session.
  • Time Limit is controlled by the Handy Cafe management software
  • Clients must produce their identification cards and be registered with a  is username and password to enable them to log in.
  • There are no reservations for individual computer use.
  • Food stuffs, smoking and drinks are not permitted in the centre
  • Downloading files to the hard drive is prohibited.
  • Users are not  allowed to download files to Re-writable CDs.
  • Users are not allowed to install or uninstall any software or change system settings violation to this shall result in loss of the facilitys privileges.
  • The facility reserves the right to schedule workstations for instruction or for access to electronic resources available only on specific machine.
  • Laptops are allowed in the centre so long as the users do not disrupt others
  • Staff stationed at the centre are qualified and  available to provide assistance in the use of the computers and other accessories.
  • Playing computer games or music from any internet site is not be allowed.
  • While accessing internet information services clients are adviced to adhere to intellectual property laws, and security restrictions. No plagiarism.
  • Services Available
  • Internet Service, Access to e-resources, Continous training on information literacy, online Literature searches, Research writing assistance, User needs assessment survey, Access to CD-ROMs.