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CARP+ SPVC project is funded by MasterCard Foundation through the Regional Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM). The project aim is “Enhancing access to high quality seed potato for improved productivity and incomes of smallholder farmers in Nakuru County.

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Nakuru Irrigation Acceleration Platform (NIAP)

Water harvesting and storage for use in irrigation provides great opportunities for growth and development in the agriculture sector of Kenya. 

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Cawsa Centre

The CaWSA- Centre showcases various water conservation, storage, abstraction and distribution systems and soil and moisture conservation technologies, innovations and management practices (TIMPS). The Centre is used for farmer and student training and community action research.

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Egerton University and its collaborators are implementing an innovative agriculture development project titled “Enhancing production and access of high quality seed potatoes for improved income and livelihoods for smallholder farmers’ in Nakuru County, Kenya”. The project seeks to strengthen the capacity of approximately 6000 smallholder farmers in Nakuru County, through the facilitation of a seed potato value chain (SPVC) platform.

Overall and Specific Objectives.

  • Overall Goal

    To transform the seed potato value chain in Nakuru county into a vibrant
    commercialized sub-sector for improved income and livelihoods of
    smallholder farmers.

  • To improve research and practical skills of Faculty and students at Egerton University and Baraka Agricultural College

    1.1. To enhance research capacity in the seed potato value chain at faculty, PhD and     MSc levels at Egerton University through collaborative action research.

    1.2. To enhance research and agri-business skills of graduate and undergraduate students at Egerton University and Baraka Agricultural College through joint-experiential learning by engaging smallholder potato farmers and other relevant value chain actors.

  • To enhance production skills and access to quality seed potato for improved incomes of small holder farmer in Nakuru County.

    2.1. To build capacity in seed potato multiplication, access and use by smallholder farmers in Nakuru county, Egerton and Baraka Agricultural College.

    2.2. To enhance the production and availability of quality seed potato through good agricultural practices and postharvest management.

    2.3. To increase income of small holder seed potato farmers in Nakuru county through enterprise skills development, market linkages and contract farming.

  • To improve the governance and performance of the seed potato value chain in Nakuru County through a multi-stakeholder platform approach

    3.1. To develop a multi-stakeholder owned Nakuru Seed Potato Strategy (NSPS).

    3.2. To promote a multi stakeholder approach to lobby and advocate for evidence based inclusive policies in the seed potato value chain in Nakuru County.

    3.3. To strengthen existing seed potato value chain platforms to improve performance of the seed potato value chain in Nakuru County and national level.

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26 /APR /2017

The South Rift Region Potato Trade Fair

The NPCK, Nakuru county government in collaboration with BAC and Egerton University (CARP+ SPVC) organized the south rift region potato trade fair that was held at Baraka Agricultural College. The event which had 26 exhibitors was attended by over 1000 farmers who graced mainly form Nakuru county but also from neighboring counties. During the event, CARP+ SPVC and TAGDev program at Egerton University participated through exhibitions which were conducted by farmers and students. The first cohort of students at TAGDev were excited to show case some of their products that they have developed over the one year. The CMS Agroprises, a group of agri-enterprise development students (Msc) showcased the crisps they have been processing as a registered youth group.
02 /MAY/ 2017

CARP+ SPVC and CESAAM at Egerton University Sponsored students participate in the 3rd National Potato conference and Trade Fair 2018 in Nairobi

The National Potato conference and Trade Fair was organised by the National Potato Council ofKenya (NPCK) and took place on 24th-25th May 2018 at KARLO Headquarters in Nairobi. The NPCK also partnered with Government of Kenya, USAID-Feed the Future, GROWAFRICA, Kingdom of Netherlands, AGRA, CIP, GIZ, SNV among others. The main theme for the conference was Enhancing potato Agribusiness for Improved food and nutrition security. The event was officially launched by the Principal Secretary ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (Dr. Richard Lesiyampe) on behalf of the cabinet secretary ministry of agriculture, livestock and fisheries. The event was organized by National Potato Council of Kenya. The conference had two activities; Exhibition and Congregation
22 /JUNE /2018

Potato Cropping and Irrigation Systems Technology Farmers Education Day

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Lucky Nyasulu

Lucky Nyasulu


Born in 1991, Lucky Nyasulu comes from Khwawa Village, Karonga district in Malawi. She is a second born in a family of 2 boys and 4 girls.Her father is a civil servant working with Ministry of Agriculture as a Field Assistant.Read More. 

Lamech Amwine

Lamech Amwine


Lamech Amwine is a Ugandan national, born in 1988 in Katikamwe village, Kyabugimbi Sub County, Bushenyi district in western Uganda.Born from a poor background Lamech,.Read More.

Judith Cheruiyot

Judith Cheruiyot


Judith Cheruiyot is a Kenyan by nationality, from Uasin-gishu County, Sergoit location. She was born in 1991 and a third born in a family of, 2 girls and 2 boys. Read More..

Mr. John Atsu Agbolosoo

Mr. John Atsu Agbolosoo


Mr. John Atsu Agbolosoo was born on 26th July, 1990 to Mr. Livingstone Agbolosoo and Miss. Agnes Agbenuawor all of blessed memory at Vui-Keta in Volta Region of Ghana.Read More..


Anthony Mwangi Kibe (PhD)

Anthony Mwangi Kibe (PhD)


Antony M. Kibe is an Associate Professor of Agronomy, in the Crops, Horticulture and Soils Department of Egerton University (CHS), Egerton University, Kenya and formers Senate Representative (Associate Dean) of the Faculty of Agriculture from Nov 2010 to 2014. Read More..

Milcah Mulu-Mutuku

Milcah Mulu-Mutuku


She holds a PhD and MSc in Entrepreneurship from Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology, Kenya and BSc. in Agriculture and Home Economics from Egerton University, Kenya.

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John Ng’ang,a

John Ng’ang,a


John Nganga is a PhD Agronomy Student at Egerton University, Njoro, Kenya. He is working on Potato Cyst Nematode Management and the mechanisms involved in yield loss under PCN infestation. His interests include modelling pathogen population dynamics,

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Manfred Miheso

Manfred Miheso


Manfred Miheso works as a technician under the CARP+ Seed Potato Value Chain project at Egerton University. He holds a BSc. in Microbiology and Biotechnology from University of Nairobi, Kenya. His role on this project involve assisting with rapid production and bulking of disease free potato seed Read More..


The frequency and severity of climate shocks such as drought, floods, heat and cold stress have increased with negative impacts on agriculture and food security ( accessed 7th April 2019). Agricultural systems in East Africa are mainly rain-fed and highly vulnerable to climate change and variability.  In Africa, climate change causes yields to decline as a result of water and heat stress. Yields will decrease even further where there is no possibility of supplemental irrigation, to the extent that growing crops becomes impossible.

The challenges faced in agricultural production, that are caused by climate variability and change are complex and cannot be tackled by one or a few organizations working in isolation. Hence, in January 2017, the Nakuru Irrigation Acceleration Platform (IAP) - a multi stakeholder platform was started with financial and technical support from SNV Kenya. The Nakuru IAP is coordinated by the Crops, Horticulture and Soils Department at Egerton University under the leadership of Prof. A. Kibe.


The irrigation acceleration platform (IAP) is a private sector-led initiative that brings together actors in the agri-business sector – input providers, commodity buyers/processors, academia/researchers, state agencies, development partners and donors to concertedly work within climate smart crop and water nexus. It promotes conservation and efficient use of water for agriculture through construction of water pans, use of solar pumps, innovative spray systems and on-farm moisture conservation methods. The platform supported farmers in 11 irrigation clusters to set up six (6) Smart Water Solution demo centers and lobby for more investments in the irrigated value chain.


In August 2017, Egerton University was awarded a competitive grant on Seed Potato Community Action Research Program Plus (CARP+) by RUFORUM with financial support from MasterCard Foundation. This multi-stakeholder program is implemented in partnership with Nakuru County Government (MoALF), ADC – Molo, Baraka Agricultural College, Nakuru Smallholder Farmers Association (NASFA) and National Potato Council (NCPK). The partners developed the Nakuru Potato Strategy, established demo sites, trained farmers on seed production, contributed to the new potato regulations, establishment of the Nakuru potato cooperative union (representing over 6,000 farmers) and improved market linkages. 


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The CaWSA- Centre showcases various water conservation, storage, abstraction and distribution systems and soil and moisture conservation technologies, innovations and management practices (TIMPS).

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